Modern medicine can  cure almost anything , only if the diagnosis was made accurately and at  an early stage. Ocean Radiology is the only State of  the Art Facility in South Brooklyn with an advanced  64-Slice CT Scan and 1.5 Tesla MRI.

        Ocean Radiology is the only diagnostic center which is able to perform Cardiac and  Vascular CT angiograms . Our high performance , premium  CT  is able to  generate 0.5 mm slices, which enables precise and accurate  diagnosis.  We are equipped with Terarecon  3D Workstations for  reviewing large thin-slice data and generate state of the art reconstructed images. The newly installed Vantage 1.5 T MRI ranked #1 for patient comfort.                                                               
       We have a fast report turnaround with reports which     included  annotated images for referring physician reference and correlation.